There’s a place, inside each one of us, where the magic of an idea frees the spirit and turns life into emotion.

In 1972 we started this adventure in a small family laboratory.
Our works in leather, fur and noble fabric are made for the best-known luxury brands.

Our distinctive feature is – and always has been – the obsessive attention to details.
Today Altile is a firm with over 35 workers each day planning and implementing new ideas.

We left pictures discoloured by memory hanging, free to wander, and we painted our certainties with fantasy.


To forge the passion shining inside every idea so as to make unique every creation of ours.


To make a wish, as apparent folly of our own soul, perfect synergy between instinct and tradition.

To question our knowledge melting it with the experience of those, who surround us.


To listen to the silence of the senses, pursuing the language of life.